Tomcat: Too many open files

the symptom

If tomcat just respondes with HTTP 500 and you find something like

org.apache.tomcat.jni.Error: Too many open files
       at org.apache.tomcat.jni.Socket.accept(Native Method)

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Tomcat character enconding UTF-8

As with EVERY project sooner or later I encounter character encoding problems. This time everything seemed to be ok. UTF-8 settings everywhere I can think of. Did I miss something?

On the development environment it worked well, but on production UTF

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Apache Webserver and Tomcat Virtual Hosts

Problem description: You want to server multiple web applications with one Tomcat instance. The brute force variant is to just “rewrite” or ProxyPass the request from e.g. to the local tomcat with localhost:8080/myhost. But this leads...

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Amazon EC2

made my way through the deployment of webapp (tomcat 6) on Amazon EC2 the very famous webservice products from Amazon.

checkout the amazon EC2 tutorial on youtube

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