Integration Testing Infrastructure As Code With Chef, Puppet, And KitchenCI

At the beginning of May 2014 I started contributing to a great new OpenSource project sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. The Hardening Framework. One of the challenges in this project is an old friend: Keeping things DRY. But let us start from the beginning...

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Using Test Kitchen And Puppet On OpenStack

This is a followup article to Using Test Kitchen With Puppet. This time we want to run our tests against an Openstack deployment. You can follow my article Howto Create A Minimal Viable OpenStack Deployment With Devstack In Your Local LAN to install...

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Using Test Kitchen With Puppet

From the homepage:

Your infrastructure deserves tests too.

So lets write some integration test for our puppet code. We will use a super simple puppet manifest just deploying ntp as a hello world example focusing on test-kitchen instead...

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Infrastructure as Code with Chef or Puppet

I was invited to speak about Infrastructure as Code at a german bank. Yes, the enterprises are getting interested in serious infrastructure automation. In this talk I lay out the problem and explain the basic underlying concepts and differences of...

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How Automated Cloud Infrastructure Setups can Help with Continuous Delivery

I was invited to talk at the “Open Source Software for Business 2013” (OSS4B) conference (Speaker,Talk). The speaker lineup was fantastic and the keynotes of Gene Kim and Dragos Dumitriu were worth the travel on their own.

Gene Kim, author of the...

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OpenStack CISCO Edition

The OpenStack CISCO Edition is based on OpenStack Folsom. This version was announced at the OpenStack Grizzly Summit in October. From a look at the version control information it is clear that this release was focused on this announcement (commits...

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Chef: Cook your own automated environment

There is a new kid on the configuration management block Chef from Opscode. Here is a blog post about Puppet vs. Chef.

Chef is kind of Puppet with integrated iClassify and a rubyish configuration DSL. No wonder, Adam Jacob joined forces on Chef.


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Puppet and external node definition through icpuppet from iClassify

Puppet is great for “implementing” server infrastructure. Puppet has a concept of nodes and classes.

node '' { 
        include apache 

class apache { 

$packagelist = ["httpd", "webalizer", "mod_ssl"] 

package { $packagelist...

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Bootstraping ec2 with Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

Searching through github ( I came across a very similar approach on howto bootstrap EC2 images with capistrano puppet and iclassify. ec2-cap is build on top of the Rightscale Amazon EC2 gem (http://rightaws.rubyforge...

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Automated Environment: Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

There is a new hype: cloud computing. Your web site traffic grows? Add a new application server. Want to increase availability? Add a new web server. Among others Amazon offers a whole bunch of infrastructure to support these needs. But it is not enough...

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