chef from opscode and the power of ruby

Recent releases of chef from opscode provide a new resource: ruby_block

This is really great news as this allows for interesting problem solving.

Consider you want to do a very special HTTP request. E.g. a GET to localhost but with custom “Host” header...

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webalizer cookbook and definition for chef from opscode

Install and run the webalizer with Chef from Opscode

As DRY as possible ;-)

What it is for

Simply put it derives the log file name from its name and takes a server name for where to access...

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Extending Chef from Opscode with header params for http_request

Added support for custom header options in chef for the http_request

Opscode Chef Ticket
Resolved on Github

An example using a custom “Host” header property:

http_request "localhost_with_host_header" do
  url "localhost"
  message "my request"

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Chef: Cook your own automated environment

There is a new kid on the configuration management block Chef from Opscode. Here is a blog post about Puppet vs. Chef.

Chef is kind of Puppet with integrated iClassify and a rubyish configuration DSL. No wonder, Adam Jacob joined forces on Chef.


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