How to configure your local Crowbar Chef Environment

Crowbar uses its own opens source Chef instance. After a default installation it is not very easy to update cookbooks from your local development environment. This howto describes a more usable configuration of local crowbar environment.

Setup your...

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Deployment of Openstack on a Virtualbox Multi Node Environment

Update 2014/03/20

This is bases on crowbar-virtualbox 91d4dbcbd2efdb31d0944b67f5100d3ce668fc64

Get The Code

First get the project files from the Github repository.

git clone


Provide a transportable...

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chef from opscode and the power of ruby

Recent releases of chef from opscode provide a new resource: ruby_block

This is really great news as this allows for interesting problem solving.

Consider you want to do a very special HTTP request. E.g. a GET to localhost but with custom “Host” header...

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webalizer cookbook and definition for chef from opscode

Install and run the webalizer with Chef from Opscode

As DRY as possible ;-)

What it is for

Simply put it derives the log file name from its name and takes a server name for where to access...

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Glassfish cookbook for chef from opscode

Install and run the Sun Glassfish Application Server from Sun with Chef from Opscode

At the moment its really dumb and just installs Glassfish and runs it:

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Extending Chef from Opscode with header params for http_request

Added support for custom header options in chef for the http_request

Opscode Chef Ticket
Resolved on Github

An example using a custom “Host” header property:

http_request "localhost_with_host_header" do
  url "localhost"
  message "my request"

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Chef: Cook your own automated environment

There is a new kid on the configuration management block Chef from Opscode. Here is a blog post about Puppet vs. Chef.

Chef is kind of Puppet with integrated iClassify and a rubyish configuration DSL. No wonder, Adam Jacob joined forces on Chef.


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