SUSECloud Part 1 - Install The Multi Node OpenStack/Ceph Environment


We need to have a VirtualBox environment set up. For SLES have a look at this blog post: Install Virtualbox on SLES 11 SP3.

As SLES and SUSECloud are commercial offerings you have to register in order to be able to do download the iso...

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Bare Metal Provisioning with Razor and Chef


This is outdated. Razor has been rewritten from the ground up. See razor-server. If you are still using the depricated implementation go on reading :-)

The Project

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Crowbar OpenStack Cluster Checklist

After a OpenStack installation test the following:

Config check

  1. Reboot/Restart the whole cluster (to ensure every config change is persisted)
    • Admin (manually), when it comes back, use it to reboot the other nodes (Crowbar) - check if admin dashboard...

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Crowbar OpenStack Cheat-Sheet

nova command-line tool

client install depends on the client os and the openstack version deployed. here an example for essex

The documentation can be found online: managing-the-cloud or python-novaclient/2.6.0

essentially do:

$ curl -O http://pypi...

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MegaRaid as fake JBOD for Swift

The Problem

Some storage technologies can not benefit from hardware RAID implementations as in their very design they expect just a bunch of disks (JBOD) an implement the redundancy on the application layer. One of this applications is Openstack Swift

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A Brief Introduction to OpenFlow


OpenFlow is a Layer 2 communications protocol that gives access to the forwarding plane of a network switch or router over the network… … In simpler terms, OpenFlow allows the path of network packets through the network of switches to be...

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Rackspace OpenStack Alamo

The Rackspace Private Cloud offering is based on OpenStack Essex. According to rackspaceopenstackprivatecloudsdk/ there will be a Folsom release later in Q4 2012

Curry says that before the fourth quarter ends, Rackspace will roll up a Folsom variant...

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OpenStack CISCO Edition

The OpenStack CISCO Edition is based on OpenStack Folsom. This version was announced at the OpenStack Grizzly Summit in October. From a look at the version control information it is clear that this release was focused on this announcement (commits...

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How to configure your local Crowbar Chef Environment

Crowbar uses its own opens source Chef instance. After a default installation it is not very easy to update cookbooks from your local development environment. This howto describes a more usable configuration of local crowbar environment.

Setup your...

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Deployment of Openstack on a Virtualbox Multi Node Environment

Update 2014/03/20

This is bases on crowbar-virtualbox 91d4dbcbd2efdb31d0944b67f5100d3ce668fc64

Get The Code

First get the project files from the Github repository.

git clone


Provide a transportable...

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Deploying OpenStack with Crowbar at Scale

I’ve been working with @hvolkmer on an OpenStack deployment with Crowbar for a project we are currently doing for T-Labs. We deployed a 100 Node Crowbar/OpenStack Cluster.

Read what we have learned on his blog: Crowbar At Scale.

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