Integration Testing Infrastructure As Code With Chef, Puppet, And KitchenCI

At the beginning of May 2014 I started contributing to a great new OpenSource project sponsored by Deutsche Telekom. The Hardening Framework. One of the challenges in this project is an old friend: Keeping things DRY. But let us start from the beginning...

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Using Test Kitchen And Puppet On OpenStack

This is a followup article to Using Test Kitchen With Puppet. This time we want to run our tests against an Openstack deployment. You can follow my article Howto Create A Minimal Viable OpenStack Deployment With Devstack In Your Local LAN to install...

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Using Test Kitchen With Puppet

From the homepage:

Your infrastructure deserves tests too.

So lets write some integration test for our puppet code. We will use a super simple puppet manifest just deploying ntp as a hello world example focusing on test-kitchen instead...

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