Chef: Cook your own automated environment

There is a new kid on the configuration management block Chef from Opscode. Here is a blog post about Puppet vs. Chef.

Chef is kind of Puppet with integrated iClassify and a rubyish configuration DSL. No wonder, Adam Jacob joined forces on Chef.


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Use EBS on EC2 Centos 5.2 and snapshot with cron to S3

Create the volume and assign it to your instance

Attach it to your Centos 5.2 instance

yum install xfsprogs

according to Thread: Debian Lenny and XFS causes kernel panic: Suggested Workaround

mkfs.xfs -l version=1 /dev/sdh

insert into /etc/fstab


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Thoughtworks Cruise 1.1 on Centos 5.2 EC2 building repo from github

In this blog post I will show how to launch a Centos 5.2 Amazon ami image, install Cruise 1.1 from Thoughtworks (also known as Cruise Control) and building a Java project, fetched from a github repository.

Start new image with ElasticFox


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Puppet and external node definition through icpuppet from iClassify

Puppet is great for “implementing” server infrastructure. Puppet has a concept of nodes and classes.

node '' { 
        include apache 

class apache { 

$packagelist = ["httpd", "webalizer", "mod_ssl"] 

package { $packagelist...

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Automated Environment: Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

There is a new hype: cloud computing. Your web site traffic grows? Add a new application server. Want to increase availability? Add a new web server. Among others Amazon offers a whole bunch of infrastructure to support these needs. But it is not enough...

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Poolparty, a promising tool for cloud computing

Poolparty is a very interesting project. It promises easy cloud computing with Amazon EC2. The project undergoes a heavy rewrite of its core, so we ought to stay tuned :-)

Ressource links are as follows:

The homepage:


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EC2 Deployment made easy: Capistrano and Capazon

Capistrano is a tool for deploying and managing remote servers. Its origin is (ruby based;-) on deploying rails applications.

But its not limited to this task. There exist many extensions to capistrano (called recipes) to make deployment and management...

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Interested in Cloud or Chef Trainings? Have a look at our Commandemy Trainings page. Need help migrating to the cloud? Check out Infralovers.

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