The Home Lab is Growing - Adding Intel Nuc to the Mix

With focusing on openstack deployments as well as test driven infrastructure as code development comes a welcome excuse for some extra machines in the home office. Looking around got me thinking what I expect from such a node

  • should be small
  • low power...

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Crowbar OpenStack Cheat-Sheet

nova command-line tool

client install depends on the client os and the openstack version deployed. here an example for essex

The documentation can be found online: managing-the-cloud or python-novaclient/2.6.0

essentially do:

$ curl -O http://pypi...

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MegaRaid as fake JBOD for Swift

The Problem

Some storage technologies can not benefit from hardware RAID implementations as in their very design they expect just a bunch of disks (JBOD) an implement the redundancy on the application layer. One of this applications is Openstack Swift

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