How to use highline menu in Capistrano

Sometimes invoking a task in Capistrano requires to input data. A very comfortable approach is to use highline since it is build for this purpose.

    task :ask_for_environment do
      set :environments, [:production,:testing,:development]

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Bootstraping ec2 with Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

Searching through github ( I came across a very similar approach on howto bootstrap EC2 images with capistrano puppet and iclassify. ec2-cap is build on top of the Rightscale Amazon EC2 gem (http://rightaws.rubyforge...

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Automated Environment: Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

There is a new hype: cloud computing. Your web site traffic grows? Add a new application server. Want to increase availability? Add a new web server. Among others Amazon offers a whole bunch of infrastructure to support these needs. But it is not enough...

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EC2 Deployment made easy: Capistrano and Capazon

Capistrano is a tool for deploying and managing remote servers. Its origin is (ruby based;-) on deploying rails applications.

But its not limited to this task. There exist many extensions to capistrano (called recipes) to make deployment and management...

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