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                A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her!

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Intersting EC2 AMI images (as a starting point)

I believe in not inventing the wheel;-) That’s another incarnation of DRY … So a good starting point for AMI images are the ones of Rightscale.


RightImage v3.0 (32-bit...

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EC2 Deployment made easy: Capistrano and Capazon

Capistrano is a tool for deploying and managing remote servers. Its origin is (ruby based;-) on deploying rails applications.

But its not limited to this task. There exist many extensions to capistrano (called recipes) to make deployment and management...

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Amazon EC2 stuff

I’ve collected some useful information about cloud computing/amazon EC2 on the web

the amazon web services home

the amazon web services blog

list of available public ami images

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Amazon EC2

made my way through the deployment of webapp (tomcat 6) on Amazon EC2 the very famous webservice products from Amazon.

checkout the amazon EC2 tutorial on youtube

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Google sitemaps with radiant

added a sitemap and google sitemap following the great tutorial on radiantcms.org: HowToMakeASiteMap

additionally I added to my web-sitemap, not the xml google sitemap, at the bottom of the body part of the sitemap a “hack” for linking to my gallery...

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Debug Rails in Netbeans 6.1

checkout this if you are experience problems while debugging a rails app in Netbeans 6.1

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install fckeditor

follow README http://github.com/djcp/radiant-fckeditor/tree/master

for production:

rake radiant:extensions:fckeditor:update

and don’t forget to grant write access to public/uploads for the image upload feature to work.

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Install Radiant

follow the tutorial from the radiant documentation

install the gem and issue

$ radiant --database=[database adapter] [path]
to create the basic radiant installation. and continue creating the databases

mysql -u <username> -p # enter password mysql...

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I’m working to re-design my homepage ontop of radiant, a ruby style – no fluff, just stuff – cms.
Have a look at it:

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Bash Tips

Came across a very interesting site with loads of tips for the bash shell. Especially the tip regarding
“Sync History throughout Terminals” fixed one of my top issues.

shopt -s histappend PROMPT_COMMAND=‘history -a’

from http://www.ukuug.org/events...

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