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Tomcat character enconding UTF-8

As with EVERY project sooner or later I encounter character encoding problems. This time everything seemed to be ok. UTF-8 settings everywhere I can think of. Did I miss something?

On the development environment it worked well, but on production UTF

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How to use highline menu in Capistrano

Sometimes invoking a task in Capistrano requires to input data. A very comfortable approach is to use highline since it is build for this purpose.

    task :ask_for_environment do
      set :environments, [:production,:testing,:development]

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Puppet and external node definition through icpuppet from iClassify

Puppet is great for “implementing” server infrastructure. Puppet has a concept of nodes and classes.

node 'webserver.testing.com' { 
        include apache 

class apache { 

$packagelist = ["httpd", "webalizer", "mod_ssl"] 

package { $packagelist...

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Bootstraping ec2 with Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

Searching through github ( http://github.com/search?q=puppet) I came across a very similar approach on howto bootstrap EC2 images with capistrano puppet and iclassify. ec2-cap is build on top of the Rightscale Amazon EC2 gem (http://rightaws.rubyforge...

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Automated Environment: Puppet, iClassify, and Capistrano

There is a new hype: cloud computing. Your web site traffic grows? Add a new application server. Want to increase availability? Add a new web server. Among others Amazon offers a whole bunch of infrastructure to support these needs. But it is not enough...

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Apache Webserver and Tomcat Virtual Hosts

Problem description: You want to server multiple web applications with one Tomcat instance. The brute force variant is to just “rewrite” or ProxyPass the request from e.g. www.myhost.com to the local tomcat with localhost:8080/myhost. But this leads...

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Amazon Elastic Block Store

There is a new kid on the block: Amazon Elastic Block Store

The new service fills one of the last missing links in the Amazon Webservices. It provides for persistent, high-performance, high-availability block-level storage which you can attach to...

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Poolparty, a promising tool for cloud computing

Poolparty is a very interesting project. It promises easy cloud computing with Amazon EC2. The project undergoes a heavy rewrite of its core, so we ought to stay tuned :-)

Ressource links are as follows:

The homepage:


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High-Availability Load Balancer (With Failover and Session Support) With HAProxy

HAProxy seems very promising as a production use software loadbalancer. The only drawback with this solution is that one still has to use some extra piece of middleware to terminate a ssl session (stunnel, apache).

Setting Up A High-Availability Load...

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