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SCOTTY: She's all yours, sir. All systems *automated* and ready.
                A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her!

CAPTAIN KIRK: Thank you, Mr.Scott. I'll try not to take that personally.


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Chef Fundamentals Training Berlin

As a huge fan of Chef from Opscode I reached out to Nathen Harvey and asked if it is possible to do training for Opscode.

I did already use their public training material on several occasions but this time I wanted to do an official training. Several...

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Crowbar OpenStack Cluster Checklist

After a OpenStack installation test the following:

Config check

  1. Reboot/Restart the whole cluster (to ensure every config change is persisted)
    • Admin (manually), when it comes back, use it to reboot the other nodes (Crowbar) - check if admin dashboard...

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Crowbar OpenStack Cheat-Sheet

nova command-line tool

client install depends on the client os and the openstack version deployed. here an example for essex

The documentation can be found online: managing-the-cloud or python-novaclient/2.6.0

essentially do:

$ curl -O http://pypi...

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MegaRaid as fake JBOD for Swift

The Problem

Some storage technologies can not benefit from hardware RAID implementations as in their very design they expect just a bunch of disks (JBOD) an implement the redundancy on the application layer. One of this applications is Openstack Swift

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Openflow with Trema (SDN)


OpenFlow is a technology for implementing software defined networking (SDN). This Document guides you through a hands-on example on how to create a learning switch with Trema a full stack SDN development environment.

To demonstrate OpenFlow...

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A Brief Introduction to OpenFlow


OpenFlow is a Layer 2 communications protocol that gives access to the forwarding plane of a network switch or router over the network… … In simpler terms, OpenFlow allows the path of network packets through the network of switches to be...

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Rackspace OpenStack Alamo

The Rackspace Private Cloud offering is based on OpenStack Essex. According to rackspaceopenstackprivatecloudsdk/ there will be a Folsom release later in Q4 2012

Curry says that before the fourth quarter ends, Rackspace will roll up a Folsom variant...

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OpenStack CISCO Edition

The OpenStack CISCO Edition is based on OpenStack Folsom. This version was announced at the OpenStack Grizzly Summit in October. From a look at the version control information it is clear that this release was focused on this announcement (commits...

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Interested in Cloud or Chef Trainings? Have a look at our Commandemy Trainings page. Need help migrating to the cloud? Check out Infralovers.

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