Chef Fundamentals on the road again, this time clode to my roots in Innsbruck in Tyrol.

Quite a new situation with a lot of questions on how to run chef-client as a non-privileged user.

Feedback Results:

Avg Min Max
4,78 4 5 „course adressing the topics announced“
4,33 2 5 „pre-requisites appropriate“
4,67 4 5 „do you believe you will benefit“
4,44 4 5 „how did you like the course overall“
4,89 4 5 „instructor competent and knowledgable“
5,00 5 5 „Instructor friendly/open to questions
4,67 4 5 „instructor taught understandable“
4,56 4 5 „was this a good training event“
4,56 4 5 „book another course?“
4,67 4 5 „recommend training“

If you ever want a training class organized in the DACH region (or beyond ;), don’t hesitate to reach out to me :-)

Interested in Cloud or Chef Trainings? Have a look at our Commandemy Trainings page. Need help migrating to the cloud? Check out Infralovers.

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