This time I got a call from Opscode. If I would like to deliver a private training in Gdanks, Poland. My response? Sure, I’d love to :-) Never been in Poland before, so a double win.

Weather was not quite a win. Ice - Rain - Snow. The pilot had to try three times for a proper landing.

Most participants were from Poland, still, language barrier was not an issue at all. These folks were very, very interested. Not the sort of on-site training were at least half the attendees do not want to be in class. Quite the opposite. This was the first time I had to pull out some examples from the backup slide deck ;-)

And again the feedback results make me very happy!

If you ever want a training class organized in the DACH region (or beyond like this one), don’t hesitate to reach out to me :-)

Interested in Cloud or Chef Trainings? Have a look at our Commandemy Trainings page. Need help migrating to the cloud? Check out Infralovers.

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