As a huge fan of Chef from Opscode I reached out to Nathen Harvey and asked if it is possible to do training for Opscode.

I did already use their public training material on several occasions but this time I wanted to do an official training. Several hangouts later it was all set. We announced a public training in Berlin (2013 Feb 26/27) co-hosted by Andy Hawkins at our cloudbau offices.

What should I say? It was really great. Andy is a superb instructor and I really loved to evangelize Chef. After the training we collected some feedback which reflect the subjective impression.

If you ever want a training class organized in the DACH region (or beyond ;), don’t hesitate to reach out to me :-)

Interested in Cloud or Chef Trainings? Have a look at our Commandemy Trainings page. Need help migrating to the cloud? Check out Infralovers.

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