Install and run the webalizer with Chef from Opscode

As DRY as possible ;-)

What it is for

Simply put it derives the log file name from its name and takes a server name for where to access the output of webalizer.

How to use it

The simplest use case is

webalizer "" do
  server_name ""

This looks for a access log file in


und puts the webalizer results (/etc/cron.daily/00-weablizer must be run either manually or from cron)



accessable through

options are

webalizer "" do
  server_name ""     # custom server name
  conf_template "webalizer.conf.erb"  # custom webalizer config
  site_template  ""   #custom webalizer apache file
  cron_schedule :daily  # node[:webalizer][:cron_base_prefix]}#{params[:cron_schedule].to_s must be a cron directory
  log_type :clf # :clf :ftp or :squid
  cookbook "webalizer" were the templates reside

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