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About me

Edmund Haselwanter: Automation addict and IT Consultant as well as IT Trainer

I studied Telematik (Telecommunications and Informatik) at the Graz University of Technology.

After working at the Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM) for about 3 years I worked as an IT Consultant for new10 GmbH supporting various clients including Telekom Austria, Mobilkom Austria, Sony NetServices, SUN Microsystems and T-Online Germany.

Up until October 2012 I helped several customers (Sencha.io, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Wikitude, T-Online, T-Systems) to move their workloads into the Cloud (AWS | Openstack) as well as automate the orchestration and deployment.

In October 2012 I co-founded cloudbau GmbH and continued to consult and train customers in using Chef and OpenStack (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Deutsche Telekom Technik, T-Systems, SAP, GE Capital)

In January 2014 I stepped down as CSO of cloudbau to again focus more on consulting and training (Test Driven Infrastructure as Code) using Chef and OpenStack.

Since the beginning of 2015 I started to focus on IT consulting @ infralovers as well as IT training @ commandemy

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